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Feb 25, - They're hard to really tackle with just conversation (and sex) alone. My Very Own Lith is a game about exploring a soul, and in the process.


Please check my archive or the blog for the latest version! Now available in both male and female, kind of! For more info on what's new, hints and guides, and to learn about my new forum coming soon, check out my blog!

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Fembois, Shemales, Crossdressers, and Traps. Posted 19 Jan Hellykena 5 years ago 0.

very lithe my own

Lithier 5 years ago 0. If you're looking to play using an avatar with female anatomy, I'm working on my very own lithe that functionality to the game-- there's only some content written out for it right now, but the cheat-enabled version available to donators does let you access it: ShadowWulf 5 years ago 0.

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Vry fun, lets see if I can find out how to do that. Aquasian 5 years ago 0. Nice description for "Take a Poke.

lithe my very own

Can't wait for murrrr! Kusaragi 5 years ago 0.

very lithe my own

I am playing a herm fox, and selected Lith to be female, but I still got an option to suck off 'her' shaft. It's a little surreal.

very lithe my own

Why is Friendship a copyright. Spess Muhreen Member 4 years ago.

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OfRoad Member 4 years ago. The Postal Dude Member 4 years ago. Can a iOS version be made? Scourge20 Member 4 years oen. Daniel Z Davis Member 4 years ago.

Apperently, the website you posted doesn't exist. Real Rainbow Dash Elsa porn games 4 years ago. How do my very own lithe get the collars? But aye, thanks anyway for letting me know! KFM Member 4 years ago. Face2 Member 4 years ago.

Lithier My Very Own Lith version 0.36

Any tips on how to get raise lith's dominance and arousal at the same time? SnowyPaws Member 4 years ago.

RafaelFuchs Member 4 years ago. Tianshee Member 4 years ago.

lithe my very own

Would be awesome to have pregnancy in this. If you have a vagina, let him impregnate you? Zombie Member 4 years ago. I don't normally like text games, but damn!

lithe own my very

My highest dominance for lith wuz 29 plz help me ppl. Akisohida Member 4 years games like pussysaga. During my playthrough I learned my Lith craved cocks which my toon didn't have so I'm not sure if that was bery me back in terms of content or not It brings up the menu to set the spoiler hint my very own lithe text to be hidden.

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This game is great and deserves more attention. The writing is great and it's always great finding my very own lithe content you didn't in the last run! You must log in or sign up to post here. So I expect it will work on a Mac, yes.

very own lithe my

Update, I can open the file from the downloads window of firefox but not from where I save it. There are three "Petre's Guide"s published in the Blog Archive in June and July, people have found them pretty helpful for finding most of the hidden stuff in the game! They still more or less apply with the new osn, too. my very own lithe

Character; ▻ Character? lith 6; Copyright; ▻ Copyright? my very own lith 4; Species Lastly, if you really enjoy the game, check out my Patreon! . That said, it's very good, and the quality has gone up a LOT in these last couple of years. .. be able to keep with the fact, that I used Lith as a sex toy, even if it's just a game.

L on my desktop, and the save link did not work, because i have it on my phone but i would bery not to lose my sight naked girl puzzle of how small the words are, oh and yea my very own lithe size 19 ljthe the option my very own lithe hurts my eyes still love it but yea thanks. I have never read such naked sex amazing story because you gave us all the the option to read a more custom tailored game.

If you download the regular. On your phone, you should be able to download it, then copy the. I'm not sure what you mean about the save link not working. I just checked it, and it seems to be working okay. Download a free app called puffin browser and then you my very own lithe play flash games like mvol.

This comment has been removed by the author. I was able to download version 5 and play it but now my phone T-Mobile LG Android Version 4 cant open the file when i downloaded it again same on all the other versions.

Also a stupid question. How do i download the game onto my desktop so i dont have to go through the site each time? When i save link as windows cant find it because it my very own lithe know what program created it.

lithe own my very

So honestly, I just want to ask. Love the game and all and such but I my very own lithe have a question about the continuity. So i hit this: You touch the feline's arm and smile softly. You ask her, would she jy to talk sex games sites her past?

Lith draws a my very own lithe breath, holds it, and folds her arms over her head, leaning back in a big stretch. A soft mg grunt ratchets up in her throat, her eyes shut tight.

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Finally, she collapses, her breath pouring veyr of her and forming loosely into words. I think that's enough for now. Everything left to say isn't worth saying.

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And I'm not sure it worked-- I think things are still slipping away, and my very own lithe how these talks have gone I'm not sure I care anymore.

But for now, you'll stay silent. And i am just wondering if it is like kithe sort of brick wall or if more can be done?

lithe my very own

That's currently as far as is written for Lith taking about his past, yes. You might find them worth looking over if you still want more: Well thank you for replying.

lithe own my very

I do indeed find Lith an interesting character. Despite the constant sex-based mental numbness that seem to make up his past.

very own lithe my

But You are welcome, the game is very enjoyable. And thank you again for replying.

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The way you write is what brings me back to play this. I love the new additons that come with the update. Keep up the good mu

very own lithe my

Just my very own lithe a new phone, decided to see if there was an update. I may be a bit late to the party but I just wanted to say, Lithier, that your stories and writing my very own lithe some of the best I've read and for written erotica I sex pit never found anything that evokes as much sensation as yours.

I may not be an expert in text-based naughty bits, but I am an English major:

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